Chuck Rudolph MEd, RD
 is a Registered Dietitian (Graduate California State University Long Beach) and holds a Masters degree in Nutrition Education with concentration in Biochemistry. Graduate of  University of Cincinnati as well as Bachelor’s degree of Science from Xavier University.

Chuck is a Nutritional Research Investigator
and the Director of Research & Development for Scivation / PrimaForce - an elite  nutritional research and supplement company. At Scivation / PrimaForce, Chuck is currently involved with the research and the development of innovative nutritional  supplements directed at utilizing cutting edge nutrients for enhanced wellness and athletic performance.

Being a former college athlete, Chuck Rudolph’s expertise is directed at enhancing sports performance through superior nutrition planning and sufficient supplementation. He has developed successful meal plans for various professional, college and high school athletes. Chuck has authored and co-authored various published scientific articles that are written for health care practitioners and consumers. Currently, his personal interests involve novelty formulations for sports fitness and recovery, weight management, cardiovascular and liver health and antioxidant protection.


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